Welcome to the critical introductory weeks

Starting out with your studies and curious what to expect? The semester ist just beginning and with that comes a lot of stress and formalities. Surely the university can seem like a world of its own. It, however, isn't separate from society, but rather another place of struggle within. Science and research are increasingly influenced by private capital and neoliberal politics. In the face of multiple crises, that arise from these policies and ultimately capitalism, we don't want to uphold the status quo, but rather search for solutions to them. To be able to overcome war, inflation, social inequality and the climate crisis we have to critically look at our economic system, society and sciences.

So...what now?

The "Kritische Einführungswochen" aka "KEW" (German for: critical introductory weeks) are, next to the official introductory weeks from the university and student council, supposed to provide space for political education and a place to explore leftist ideas, theory and praxis. These are often hard to find at Leipzig's universities. With our additional events and lectures we want to change that and politicize our campus. We try to keep the knowledge needed to participate at a minimum to be able to reach as broad an audience as possible, especially unpolitical people and first semesters. At the same time we also want to provide a space to become active and get organized. Because only if we are united in struggle, can we change the world!


No upcoming events.


Call for Participation: KEW 2024

Ab heute und bis zum 01.07. könnt ihr über unsere Anmeldemaske eure Veranstaltungen einreichen. Die Maske erklärt euch, welche Infos wir brauchen. Wir berücksichtigen nur Veranstaltungen, die über die Maske eingereicht werden (nicht per Mail). Wenn ihr die Anmeldung erfolgreich abgeschlossen habt, bekommt ihr eine automatisierte Bestätigung, dass die Veranstaltung bei uns eingegangen ist.